These Are The Biggest Hair Colors for Summer 2023, From Barbie Blonde to Onyx

Looking to change the color of your hair as the temperature rises? The much-awaited Barbie film starring Greta Gerwig is another area you might want to turn for inspiration, as Barbie blonde is obviously receiving a lot of attention these days. However, not only those with fair hair can adopt the hottest summer 2023 hair color trends. To just a few, there’s black onyx, acidic peach, and glossy brunette.

Now that you know the fundamentals, let’s talk about the top hair color trends for summer 2023. Everybody can find something of interest.

Glossy Brunette

“Brownettes are no longer just brunettes, proving that brown hair doesn’t have to be boring,” explains Vallortigara. “This particular color trend is all about shiny, glossy finishes that are incredibly vivid. For someone who belongs to the brunette color family, this color is fantastic. Advice: If you’re not a naturally blonde, think about coloring your hair a cool-toned brown to give it the ideal glossy, bright finish.

Lavender Blonde

We will still see our blondes out there, but to make them more interesting, you can glaze them with very soft undertones, like this cool ash blonde that has been glazed with a violet and clear Color Calypso demi-permanent gloss,” says Moroccanoil Global Color Ambassador Greg Gilmore. “[It] just gives a pop of something different but doesn’t come with a hard commitment.

Low-Maintenance Blonde

A lot of my blondes are becoming more rooted and are wanting pops around the face for maintenance appointments,” says Moroccanoil Global Color Ambassador Jessica Scott Santo. “Usually, the front of the face is where they want to be the brightest. And this is a good way to take a break from lightening the hair every six weeks and [to] have a soft, seamless grow out. It’s great for a low-maintenance blonde where they might not be able to get to the salon as often but still [want to] keep the brightness.

Midnight Onyx

Mysterious and moody, this hue isn’t just for after dark. “This is a rich black with added shine treatments to make the hair look reflective,” Vallortigara says. “This tone works best with someone that is willing to make the commitment to keeping their hair dark.

Barbie Blonde

Margot Robbie, eat your heart out. “This is more of a slightly golden blonde, not an icy blonde,” Vallortigara says. “Think of the color of the inside of a banana peel; this is the desired shade. The key to embracing this trend: Maintain the same depth of bright blonde throughout the roots, lengths, and ends of your hair. This should be a solid look from roots to end.”